Jig, you started it all by being our very first greyhound. We can never forget the day you came into our lives at The Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine, TX. You attached yourself to Ken and that was all it took. A week later you were approved to be a member of the family and came to your forever home.

You came into our life with your head held high. You had an air about you like “royalty”. You were the hit of the neighborhood, everyone loved to see you on our walks so they could pet your silky coat. You were so gentle with everyone, in didn’t matter young or old. I loved telling everyone you were the “Brad Pitt” of greyhounds because you were so beautiful, well natured and hated getting dirty.

Jig you loved life to the fullest and never complained except if you weren’t getting your supper fast enough. Every brother or sister we brought into our home you accepted graciously. We have been through a lot together and for that I will always have so many found memories. Jig-A-Roo my buddy my pal, you have gone to be with those that went before you. Ken is waiting with open arms, please give him my love. Run with the best of them, suffer no more. I will miss you deeply.

All my love, your mom forever...Stephanie