Huston crossed over to the rainbow bridge today around 4:30 P.M. As most of you know he had been sick since July, we just didn't find out that he had osteosarcoma until two weeks ago. We brought him home and promised to spoil him even more than ever before and that we did. Our boy ate steak, cooked rare of course, almost every night and lapped up his vanilla yogurt for dessert, his two most favorite things. He finally told us that he was ready to go meet Ari and all the other GALT greyhounds, and we wanted to honor his request.

There are not enough words to describe our noble, majestic boy. Often referred to as Sir Huston, Huston was the king of his clan. At night I take off each of the kids' collars (so they can rest comfortably) and in the morning each one is crowned when the collar goes back on with the words, " I crown you..." Logan is Prince Logan, Bugsy is Prince Bugsy, Allie is Princess Allie, and Huston was always King Huston. He seemed to revel in that honor, even smiled each time as if to say, "I am the king, but you are my team." Each one smiles and holds their heads high to accept their collar and Huston always smiled the biggest. This is how I shall remember him as I crown the greyhounds each morning.

As most of you who knew Huston know, he was the king of "roos." We could get him rooing at any time, any place. He had a most beautiful roo and while the others haven't quite picked up his skill, we will work on that. The famous roo tune has always been "Amazing Grace." How fitting for our boy. The roo is so very special to us because this is how he told us that he wanted to live with us. You see, when I was ready to adopt a greyhound, I saw Huston's sweet picture on the GALT website and inquired about him, but found out he was transferred to Austin for rehabilitation for Erhlichia. I adopted my sweet girl Allie, but always kept a watchful eye out for when Huston came off the IR list. The day he came off the list, I nearly sped up to Canine Commissary to meet him. I fell in love with him, just as I did his website picture. We had breakfast with Susie and John the next day and I asked if Shawn and I could go to Bennie's to visit Huston. There, I begged Shawn (with tears in my eyes) if we could just foster him. He, without hesitation, said yes, and of course Susie said yes.

About a month after we had him, Huston was out in the backyard standing next to the Koi pond "rooing." I didn't know what the hell that sound was, so I immediately called Susie and inquired about this mystical voice. Susie said, "Oh Suzanne, don't you know? That is how a greyhound tells you he has found his forever home." Well, that was a good enough sign for us! We told her that we wanted to adopt Huston and the rest is history.

Even today, Huston belted out one of the strongest roos ever. Allie, Logan, and Bugsy all joined in (we call them our rhythm section because all they do is bark) and we had quite a serenade going. Shawn, being the photojournalist that he is, caught all this on video, so be on the lookout for one of the best greyhound videos in history to honor our majestic King Huston!

Shawn and I want to thank each and every one of you that touched Huston's life. You are all so special to us and we don't know what we would do without you. All of you are the most soulful people we have met because of our special bonds to these awesome greyhounds. I want to leave you with a picture of Huston rooing today. He will be in in our hearts and souls forever and we can't wait until we meet him at the Rainbow Bridge. Let us never forget Huston's various nicknames: Husty Busty, Hustididid (otherwise known as ditters), Husty, Sir Huston, and King Huston...

Farewell our sweet "King," may flights of angels wing thee to thy rest.
Run free, our love of loves!

Roo, Huston, Roo... and his rhythm section...