Memorial of Love

Graham made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge on January 17, 2016. He was a family member and best friend. He was a thief and a clown. He was often quiet, but sometimes sassy. He was a lover of treats and ice cubes. He was an assistant chef, and self-invited dinner guest. He made every bed his own, and loved life undercover. He was, however, quite willing to share the bed, and could be a warm snuggler on a cold night. A scratch of the ear was always accompanied by his acknowledgement that you were doing it just right. He was guardian of the manor, from all things squirrel or cat. He loved all people and all dogs, and met all with sometimes overwhelming exuberance. Mostly, he was a sweet boy with a heart of gold who will always be loved. We’ll miss you baby boy. You’re a good runner!


Jeff & Valerie Ryder