George Brett Joynt A True Friend - Always and Forever

Sometime in 1997, George came into my life. A co-worker came to work after the weekend and told me that his neighbors above had moved out in a hurry one night and left a puppy on their patio. He climbed up far enough to slide food and water to the dog for two days, hoping they would return for him. When he told me about the puppy, I called the apartment manager and they verified that the apartment had been vacated and happily handed the abandoned puppy over to me.

Through our years together, George was subjected to many new dogs coming into the household. Some stayed and some were fosters but all the while George took it all in stride and would always make room for one more. However, George came to stay after Buster, who was not fond of George at all. But being the cool dude he was, he let Buster think he ruled the roost but we all knew King George was really the ruler.

George was a ladies man and especially loved the long-legged greyhound gals. George had a fondness for greyhounds and always loved going along to meet new ones at greyhound events. He didn't always feel that way about other breeds but he never met a greyhound he didn't like. I think George felt at home and among his kind when in the presence of greyhounds. Thankfully he never realized the horrid truth, he was short and chubby and very opposite of the breed he thought he belonged with.

If ever there was a momma's boy, it was my Georgie. He was always a foot or two away from me and would lie by the tub when I showered and under me, under the bed at night. Whenever I walked into another room, there he was right behind me and never let me out of his sight. I knew during his last 24 hours he was not feeling well, he stuck to me like glue and I couldn't walk a step without tripping over him. Oh what I would give now, to trip one more time.

My most enduring memories of him were during his Houdini acts. Once, during a cold visit to the dog park, I ran out to the car to get a coat for my greyhound Hanna, leaving them both inside the park. On my way back from the car, I arrived in time to witness my boy opening the gate and escaping, in hopes of finding his momma. I've never seen a dog so happy as when he saw me walking up. He managed to get through two gates by pulling them inward and then squeezing through the opening.

He also managed this feat when he went to work with me at the boarding facility. If I left him in a play room, same routine, except heavy metal doors. I'm still amazed at how he managed to do it, he was a very smart boy. I'm sure being abandoned on a patio as a puppy never left him and he was not going to let anyone leave him again.

Today I've come to realize my life will never be the same. No longer will I have a fuzzy body greeting me as I step out of the shower or to watch patiently, as I put on my makeup and blow dry my hair. No one will bark to keep me on schedule, when the dogs meal times arrive. My movement from room to room will now be with ease, no faithful friend following close behind. And when I lay my head down at night, no more snorts or snores will come from under the bed, only quietness.

Now his leather chair sits empty without his head perched on the arm. The man of the house, the protector and timekeeper is gone. A lonely emptiness has taken his place and now, I will have to close my eyes so I can see his sweet and gentle face.

Georgie - I will cherish every memory and keep you in my heart with every beat. God blessed me with more love than I ever deserved when he brought you into my life. Now he has his arms wrapped around you, keeping you safe and comforted so you won't be alone until the day we meet again - my dear, true friend!

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