Gambler was whelped February 16, 1997 and crossed over the rainbow bridge quietly Saturday March 31, 2007 at approximately 2 pm. He left us quickly, playing and being his normal lovable self all the way up to his nightly walk Thursday night. When we returned from our walk in the rain we noticed he was limping. By Friday night our Gambler Boy was clearly in more pain, limping badly and not active. Saturday we took him to Dr Ellis, praying that it was something simple and fixable with rest and medications. Dr. Ellis suspected Gammy was in trouble and acted immediately to make him as comfortable as possible. It was determined Gambler had osteosarcoma in his left femur and the cancer was growing rapidly. It was incurable.

Everyone who met Gambler loved his goofy, outgoing personality. He was full of energy and loved his people. We miss that he is not here to enthusiastically greet us at the door when we return home, his counter-cruising for human food when we are cooking, that incessant bark when he wants to come in from outside, and mostly his unconditional love for us. He has left a huge hole in our life and will be missed by all who knew him. 

Thank you GALT for introducing us to our big, goofy, loveable companion, Gambler. He is gone but not forgotten.

The England Family: Joyce, Stephen, Derek, and Nathan