GS Rapid Fire ~ 109B-84745 ~ 201 races

Fireball joined our family in May 2012 at the age of 12 1/2. He was an "oops" adoption. On a dog haul to Racing Home Greyhounds in Phoenix Arizona we couldn't resist two senior owner releases that Jody had just received. Fireball quickly became my heart dog. He was fast at the track but the slowest greyhound I'd ever met walking behind him. He was always into something. He enjoyed eating and was an excellent countersurfer. We lost many dinners, packages of meat, loaves of bread, chocolate cake (that he later threw up in front of all our dinner guests), a tub of 240 Joint Health chewies...the list goes on. He loved to snuggle or lean into his human friends. But once again Osteosarcoma struck our pack. Fireball has been so brave, strong and determined during the last few weeks. We will miss this boy and his antics. I hope he will have all the Frosty Paws he wants at the bridge. Love you Fireball, see you later sweet boy.

Marian & Lonnie Jones

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