Every Wednesday and Friday when our local paper came out, Camille and I would open to the page that depicted a beautiful brindle greyhound. Underneath his image was a quick blurb to the effect, "Gets along well with other pets, friendly, and in need of a home." We knew we could not handle another (fourth) dog, but we figured we could dream. Then one day while out for a joy ride, we decided we wanted to just meet this dog. How could that do any harm?

He greeted us at the door, smiled up at us, and then after I sat down, he buried his head under my arm. Then he went over and nestled into Camille's arm. We asked the owner which of the two greyhounds she housed was the one from the paper. She replied that it was the one we were snuggling. He was so gorgeous and sweet that within five minutes we took our new family member, his bowls, his bed, and a promise that his T.V. would be delivered later.

We never got the T.V., but he did own one. His prior owner traveled a lot and that was what kept him company. So he joined our pack. Our other dogs, all female, took to him like he was their long lost brother come home from the war.

Unfortunately, his health was in decline. We assumed he just needed better nutrition, and care. Sadly, we discovered he had Cushings disease. After some serious treatment, he came back to life and we were able to enjoy watching him race down the creekside pathway, hike up the hills with us behind our house, and playfully nip at our other dogs. At bedtime, he flapped his tail on the floor when we called him, "Funny Boy," and he delighted in Camille's singing his favorite song, "You are My Sunshine."

Duke, we will miss you. Your generous, gentle spirit taught us to be more loving and patient humans. We will not feel remorse about your stealing our food off the grill, ripping-up all our toilet paper, or your hogging the couch when we watched T.V. together.....but nobody's perfect. Thank you for a great three years, Buddy. You will live on in our hearts and we will continue to sow the seeds of love and kindness in the gardens of our lives.

Siri and Camille

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