We lost our sweet boy, Deluxe, to Bone Cancer on February 28, 2014. It was shocking and heartbreaking when we received the news from the vet suddenly. We were under the impression that he fell off the couch in the middle of the night and injured his leg so when the vet came back with the diagnoses we were in complete shock. We only had three years with him so I wanted to share some of the special memories we will never forget.

I can remember as soon as he entered our house for a house visit before the adoption, he went straight for the toys. He LOVED his toys. We would tease and call him our little "hoarder". He had a basket full of bears, bones and other goodies but he refused to leave them in the basket. I would go around the house and pick them all up and put them in his basket and within ten minutes he would have every toy back in the middle of the floor.

He would stand around the corner of the hallway towards the backdoor as we entered, only peaking his head around the corner. He would have this look on his face like "is it safe?". He was our big baby and will be greatly missed! He wasn't a big fan of exercise. We would take him around the block and by the second time around we were almost dragging him. But he did like going to the dog park and drinking from the pond. Taken too soon but forever in our hearts!

Thank you,
The Reillys
Ray, Lillie and Taylor

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