Cindy Lou, aka Nice Girl, was born on July 29, 1997, joined our household on October 20, 2009, and left us for the Rainbow Bridge on April 4, 2011.

She had a long racing career and went on to have litters of puppies. When she came to us from a breeding farm, one of several super-seniors received at the same time, she was 12-years-old and looked older. Her teeth weren't so much teeth as a solid block of plaque and mineral deposits. Her gait was wobbly and she was quiet as a mouse.

Nice Girl was a pretty generic name for a girl in our house of five other girls at the time, so she became Cindy Lou - the littlest Who in Whoville. Pulling all but her canines changed her outlook on life, her appetite, and her quietness! She barked with the best of them whenever she wanted her faithful servants to come running because she wanted up on the couch, down off the couch, needed a treat, or wanted to go outside.

Her mobility was still not the best due to arthritis between her spine and her pelvis. She put up a good fight, but slowly lost the ability to get up from lying down, or to squat when doing her business. A rear end harness helped her retain her dignity, and we happily picked her up and put her on her feet whenever needed.

She ruled the roost in spite of her small stature and four remaining teeth, giving the other greyhounds what-for when they needed it. They respected the queen mother in return. Our sweetie was a little pistol.

She taught us a lot, and we miss her terribly. Jennifer & David Vilches

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