Charlie came into our lives in 1996 when he was about 4 months old. I had just moved from MI to TX with Sarah and Aaron, then 15 and 13 years old. We decided we wanted to get a dog and we did some research and decided we wanted at Greyhound. So we went searching, we went to the SPCA in Dallas and were told they had them once in awhile, but did not currently have any. I called around to other dog-pound-type facilities and could not find a Greyhound. We then went to the SPCA in McKinney, they did not have any Greyhounds either, but there was this cute little red and white puppy named Charlie, just sitting there watching us. We took him out into a play yard and he was such a cute, little, perfect thing. Aaron and I were in love at first sight, but Sarah was a harder sell. She wanted nothing to do with him, she said "We are getting a Greyhound, and HE is NOT one!" Needless to say, Charlie won us all over and it was hard leaving him there even for one night so that he could get fixed.

He was with us for about 10 1/2 years and we had lots of good times and fun with him. Since we found GALT and Greyhounds actually came into our lives, Charlie's favorite past time became licking and chewing on any Greyhound's ears that would let him. And it seemed that most of them liked it.

He is missed and we will always have our memories of him with our family and the love we shared.

Barb Bray

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