It is with much sadness, my family must report that on March 31, 2001, we helped our Carlton make a safe journey to the Bridge.

Carlton blessed our lives for only 8 short months, but in that time he was able to cram years of living. He loved everyone in our family fully and intensely. He played and ran laps in our yard like a pup half his age. He brought joy, laughter and happiness to our lives in a capacity that only he could do. He was intense, extreme, goofy and a complete teddy bear all rolled into one brindle body. The impact he had on our hearts was immediate, and we knew in a moment that our new foster dog was Home. After waiting so long for a home, Carlton pranced into our house and smiled. He smiled everyday. We miss that smile.

Carlton was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia. Because of his age, around 13, he succumbed to the illness quickly. We tried many different drugs and his sister Ridgley even gave her blood, but nothing could stop the inevitable. After consulting with specialists, twice, we lovingly gave our boy his freedom from pain and suffering.

Carlton is running pain free at the Bridge now.

We want to thank those who gave us a chance with Carlton. Carlton waited at least three years within the large population of another rescue group and had earned the labels "grouchy" and "aggressive" because of this. Someone saw the hope in his eyes and knew that he deserved a chance. Thank you for that. We are forever grateful that we were the lucky family that was blessed with his special kind of love and joy.

The Fuentes Family,
Dan, Debra & Kara
Sedonna, Larry & Ridgley

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