Today the world is a little less beautiful.

Carli May Joynt left this world March 22, 2004, after a long battle with Erlichia (tick borne disease). After being diagnosed with Erlichia last July, she recently went through two surgeries including the removal of her spleen, two blood transfusions, both donated by her brother George and sister Hannah and last week a plasma transfusion. Carli was a fighter and very courageous. I think she tried very hard to stay here for her mother's sake. Unfortunately her mother finally had to let her go and be at peace.

Of course all Greyhounds are beautiful, but Carli was stunning. She had eyes that made you melt, fur softer than any you had ever felt and her color was unlike any other.

Carli came into my life 5 years ago, after I was talked into fostering her. I already had three dogs and really didn't think that four would be necessary. Well Carli proved me wrong. On our ride to her new "foster" home, she leaned across the seat and layed her head on my lap. Need I say more.

There will never ever be another Carli May, and I know all those who met her agree. She filled my heart and life with overflowing love. Thank God I am one of the lucky ones, I have been blessed to know and experience the unconditional love of dogs.

Thank you, Carli May, for sharing your love and life with us. We will miss you!

Mom and Dad
And your sisters and brothers, Hannah, George, Janie, Buster and Laya.

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