Cara was beautiful, strong and always a good girl. She had 85 races and raced as DG's Duracell at Plainfield, Shoreline Star and, finally, Melbourne, FL, where her career ended with a broken leg. Mike and Joanne met her there two days later when they were visiting with GPA/Central Florida and Dennis Tyler asked Mike to help him change the splint on a broken leg. As Mike was holding "the pointy end," he said "Dennis, you won't have any problems finding a home for this girl. She's sweet." He was right. Six weeks later, Cara was on her way up the coast to GPA/Maryland and her new home with the Basts.

Cara was our constant. She knew every greyhound we've had and raised two of them from pups. She volunteered at greyhound events, meet and greets and did home visits for GPA/Md. She had a way with people and was an excellent ambassador for greyhound adoption. Cara also had a "tattle tale" -- every thought she had was transmitted directly to her tail, which she wagged a lot and gave herself away.

In January, she was diagnosed with an inoperable spindle cell tumor. It was with very heavy hearts that Mike and Joanne said good-bye.

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