Bruno's racing name is Rockforest Fred. And he was born in Ireland June 2, 2003. After a long career on the track - Bruno was retired and adopted by his forever family in February 2009. Blessed with a quiet and soulful personality that drew people in - Bruno was a great ambassador that loved meeting people. He shared his home with Siena the cat, a greyhound named Mr. Nash and a two legged brother named Thomas. A noble hound - he was the natural leader and showed Mr. Nash the ropes. He quietly kept everyone in line. Bruno was always hospitable to the many foster dogs that passed through our home while living in Texas. Since moving to New Hampshire a year ago - Bruno loved our daily beach walks and chasing the bunnies in his yard. Bruno was helped to the bridge on Nov. 24th and passed peacefully in the loving arms of his mom and dad.

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