Brindy "Bryn" was our first baby. And it was because of her that we came to love Greyhounds so much. She came to us shy and a little afaid of her own shadow. In the short 3 years that we had her she took her place as the Alpha. It was such a wonderful experience to see her come out of her shell and to see her personality emerge with a little help from her little brother, Boomer (an Italian Greyhound). It was also a joy to see her take the role of mentor when we adopted our second Greyhound, Michael. She loved to be loved and she would let you know if she had not received quite enough by reaching for you or "scooting" closer until you got the point. Bryn could "pout" like no other when something was not to her liking. And those big sweet brown eyes could melt the coldest heart. There is definitely something missing from our home now. But thanks to Bryn, there will always be a place in our hearts for a Greyhound in need of a forever home.

Doug and Marcia Snyder

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