Bravo was my very first foray into the wonderful world of greyhounds and he never disappointed me for a single second. He captured my heart when I saw him at a "meet and greet" and then gradually won over his standard poodle step sister, Chloe, after a couple weeks and "growl fests" later (Chloe's growls...never Bravo).

A typically perfect "Bravo day", would be comprised of sunbathing in the backyard, stalking squirrels and birds, walking around the neighborhood with his human mom and dad and later jumping on his hind legs and "rooing" at a full moon. Bravo was intensely alive each and every day and was always ready to play. Stuffed toys littered the back yard at his house but he would share with any dog friend who came to visit.

I will never forget his big brown eyes tracking me across the room as I made dinner or got dressed in the morning for work. Likewise, his big, bouncing self would be at the front door waiting when I got home and the reward would be a freezing cold nose and a slightly fishy lick. Bravo is missed terribly by his humans but also his partner, Chloe, who still sits at the back door and looks for him.

Nine years wasn't nearly long enough but the love he gave will last forever. Run free, sweet boy...we will never forget you.

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