Benny is running fast and free again at the "Rainbow Bridge" with all of those that have passed before him. He is no longer in pain and can once again enjoy the life he loved so much.

Benny came into my life after I walked into his foster mom's home (Lisa) and had to do a double-take because he looked so much like my Jig. After we checked, it turned out Benny and Jig had the same mother (Kim's Glass) and they were born just 6 months a part. It didn't take much to convince my husband the need to adopt him – especially once he found out his racing name was "Pop-A-Top" – that sealed the deal!

Benny was filled with such personality and if he could talk he definitely would have been a comedian. Benny was always pulling his little antics on anyone that walked in the door. One of his favorite things to do was to walk up behind you and give you that little goose and then step back and give you that huge smile with his hair lip showing his teeth. Benny loved to put his head under my skirt and lift it up in the back so my husband would laugh. You couldn't walk by him without him reaching his paw out to grab your leg. All he wanted was a big ol' belly rub and he wouldn't let go of your leg until you hit the right spot. Benny was always smiling and happy to see anyone that walked in the door.

He never forgot his foster mom, Lisa, either. He truly had her wrapped around his paw as well. Whenever he went to her house for a visit he always came back with another story to tell of how much she adored him and how she spoiled him rotten. She always tried to hide him when I came to get him – as if she thought that would really work!

I am so lucky and blessed to have had my "big baby boy" in my life for the last 4 ½ years. I have such wonderful memories. He will truly be missed by all of us that are left, but I know he is with my husband, Ken, now and all of those that have passed before him. One day I will see him again. Until then, know that I love you with all my heart.