Memorial of Love

Today we said goodbye to our sweet Barbie girl. We are, quite simply, heartbroken. But because we love her so very much, we had to have the strength to let her go peacefully. She went through so much during her too short life. She began her life as a champion racer and spent five happy years of retirement with a family that spoiled her rotten as she deserved. Though we miss her terribly already, we take great comfort in knowing that where she is now there is no pain and no stupid cancer. She has four legs again and she can run wild and free chasing and barking at the squirrels.There is plenty of sunshine for her to bask in and soft couches for her to hog. Every meal is special with plenty of cracked eggs for her to gobble up. And bacon. Lots of bacon. I am sure her big, bossy sister Sophie has already been showing her around. So, until we see you again sweet girl, we will be loving and missing you with our whole hearts.


Amy and Jon Brewer and family