Braden, aka Kiowa Braden, is a 2-year-old brindle male born January 4, 2008. Braden was found in Fort Worth 4.67 miles away from the location of the 28 dogs seized last week.

On Thursday, July 15, 2010, GALT received the following email:

Hi there...

I found your website on the internet...

Am trying to get information about a recent rash of abandoned greyhounds in the Collin/Tarrant County area.

I live in Fort Worth and found an extremely emaciated brindle Greyhound today that was apparently abandoned yesterday afternoon near Gateway Park along an isolated road through a heavily wooded area.

By the time I returned with food and water, a police officer was at the scene and Animal Control showed up shortly after. The dog did raise his head to drink some water and then was able to stand up and eat the whole can of dog food. He laid down after that and never got up again.

Animal Control gave him a pain shot in order to get him onto the comforter I had brought with me to lift him up on.

He has been taken to the Fort Worth Animal Shelter.

I am extremely upset at the condition this dog was in. He was absolutely emaciated with his spinal vertebrae, hip bones and ribs prominently showing. He showed evidence of many ticks.

Animal Control said they picked up a lot of Greyhounds last week in similar condition.

Do you have any idea who is abandoning these animals?

Thanks for any information you can share with me.

I believe this dog can be brought back to health under the right circumstances.

Please let me know if you have any contacts who can help. I have two dogs and cannot take in another.

Thank you.

Brooke - Fort Worth

Thursday morning, FWAC was contacted with the intention of picking up this dog immediately - unfortunately unless the dog is in a severe, life-threatening condition, all strays have to be kept 72 hours. GALT was able to pick up Braden on Sunday morning. He was not able to walk and had to be carried out of the shelter. His condition dictated he be taken immediately to the Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County. He was in very fragile condition with elevated liver and kidney values, as well as massively infested with ticks. Four volunteers spent 3 hours removing the engorged ticks, leaving many, many more on his body. He was bleeding so profusely from the ticks, pressure bandages were applied by the attending veterinarian. During the next 36 hours Braden received blood plasma as well as one unit of whole blood, along with fluids infused with broad spectrum antiobiotics. Tuesday he was evaluated by Dr. Doug Bronstad of the Animal Diagnostic Clinic in Plano. He was in kidney failure exacerbated by his dire medical condition due to acute malnourishment and exposure plus epic external and internal parasite infestation. Braden was released from his pain and suffering on July 20 with loving friends surrounding him, the only family he ever knew.

GALT stands committed to assist with changes that must be made in the Ft. Worth Code of Law & FWAC. This will be done in memory of Braden - his death will not be in vain.

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