Brad is a handsome, 9-year-old brindle male, born April 21, 2003. His sire is TNT Star Wars, making his grand sire Fortress, and his dam is Bob's Trego. Brad's litter was registered with the NGA, but he was not individually named and registered. Brad was found as a stray and taken to the Paris, TX shelter. He is a smaller boy, and loves to be in the company of others. Brad was in a home for six years, but has been returned to GALT when he could not get along with his whippet brother.

Brad is not cat or small dog tolerant, but gets along well with people and other greyhounds.

Single, male, shiny, dark brindle, snugglebug greyhound
seeks loving, long term relationship with forever family.
Will provide devoted companionship and best behavior even after honeymoon.
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Truly, if you are looking for the most well behaved, loving, snuggling greyhound, Brad is your man. Brad still runs and frolics like a puppy when he is outside. He'll accompany you on long walks and then still have energy to spare. Or, he'll happily lie by your side. He is happiest when he is leaning his head on you. Or, perhaps he is happiest when getting neck scratches. He turns his head and leans into that massage. He's pretty happy in one of his pretzel sleep positions too. Actually he's pretty happy at meals or at treat times. He's very happy when it is time for a walk, although he waits very patiently for his lead. Clearly, Brad is just plain happy!

From the time Brad arrived at his foster home, he has been trusted with the run of the house. He has a good signal for needing to be let out or in; can use the doggie door; takes medicine easily; is comfortable in storms; walks well on a lead; rides well in a car; sleeps through the night; is easy-going with the other greyhounds. We haven't seen him play with toys, but he did happily chase a ball outdoors. When he got to it, he pounced on it, grabbed it and ran off with his "catch." Give Brad just a bit of room, and he will delight you with his zoomies.

If all this isn't enough, Brad is great eye candy as well. He is a beautiful, shiny, dark brindle who attracts lots attention when we're out for a stroll. This wonderful companion needs and richly deserves a loving, appreciative forever home!

Brad's Foster Mom