Bowie is a fawn deerhound/greyhound mix with longer hair. He came to GALT via a cruelty seizure of 24 dogs by the Tulsa Humane Society. He is severely underweight and is being medically evaluated. Bowie is estimated to be about 4 years old.

Bowie is not considered cat tolerant, but is living in a foster home with small dogs.

Meet big, beautiful Bowie baby!! At nearly 80 lbs., Bowie is enjoying getting to eat his way to his perfect physique. What a gloriously unique fuzzy coat to run your fingers through.

And if you think toy hoarding is hilarious, then this is the boy for you. What a character! Bowie likes to wait until his foster siblings are outside for a bathroom break, then he shoots back inside to live up to his toy collecting reputation.

If you enjoy a leaner who asks for attention, then Bowie will please you with his demands for more rubs and pets by using his head or his bear-sized paw. This fluffy, burly “man’s man” of a hound is both playful and cuddly. He gets along well with the three smaller dogs in his foster home and another greyhound foster. He's happy with both male and female roomies. Bowie likes his 12 y/o human foster brother also, especially keeping his bed warm for him when he leaves his bedroom door open.

He is really starting to embrace a home environment, no longer frightened by the ceiling fans. He knows to potty outside and is a good listener. You can’t put much past this smart treasure of wonderful family member. Remember, Bowie is his name and melting your heart is his game!

Bowie's Foster Family

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