Boss Boss

Boss, aka Bad Boss, is a handsome, 6-year-old red male born June 5, 2006. His sire is Stan’s Boy Flyer, making his grand-sire the late famous Gable Dodge, and his dam is I’m On Tonight, GALT’s own Ima. Boss is one of 6 puppies out of Ima’s only litter. Boss’s racing career consists of five races, starting May 7, 2008, at Southland Race Park in West Memphis, Arkansas, and finished on January 14, 2009, at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX. He is one handsome boy with that dark red coloring! Boss was in a home for 2½ years, but it was not to be his forever home through no fault of his own and he's back on the hunt for a family of his own.

Boss’s cat test: Boss got a good whiff of a sleeping cat and proceeded to move on to explore the new environment. That changed when he saw the cat in action. He became quite excited and attempted to snap at the cat. No kitties for Boss, but he has lived with small dogs.


Boss (aka "Hoss") has just been in my home for a short while, but he has adjusted quickly. He is already potty trained and has adapted quite well to his crate. The first couple of days after he arrived, he fussed in his crate at night, but now quietly sleeps through the night. Boss gets along well with my grey and my little beagle/bassett. However, he can be an attention hog and will make sure he gets his share of the attention!

Boss is a happy-go-lucky boy who is extremely curious about everything. You have to watch him carefully because his curiosity can sometimes get him in trouble. He thinks he has to stick his nose into everything; I guess that's why we call him Boss! He loves to be close to people and is quite the leaner and snuggler. If you already have a greyhound leaner in your home, you will be surrounded by greyhound love if you adopt this special boy!

Boss has a cute habit of chattering his teeth when he gets excited. He is not a jumper and does not climb on the furniture, but he loves to counter surf and is always looking for a stray treat or crumb. Boss will wolf his food down and run to the other dogs' dishes to "help" them finish, too. We have made progress, but I wouldn't recommend leaving the dogs alone during feeding time.

In summary, Boss is a big boy with a big personality to match. He is loving, happy and fun to be around. He still needs a little work on his manners, but maybe he's just waiting for YOU to help him win that "Most Courteous Grey" medal!

Boss' Foster Mom (from 2009)

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