Boots, fka Deb’s Kinky Boots, is a 3 1/2 year old brindle female born on August 3, 2016. Her sire is Jack’s Big Lad and her dam is Chase the Sneak (GALT’s Sneaker). Boots ran 42 races and is now ready to kick up her heels in retirement.. She is undergoing medical evaluation and will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Boots is a VERY sweet, calm girl. She is more interested in being where her people are than around her greyhound housemates. She enjoys her walks and is very good on leash, meets other people calmly, and will greet me when I get home with her wagging tail and little kisses! She sleeps through the night in her crate or in her bed on the floor in our bedroom.

Boots is shy with new activities in the house, and will back away or go to another room, but quickly adjusts. She is sensitive to corrections, just a normal or low “No” is needed; even if we just call to the other person in a louder voice, she thinks it’s something she did. We make sure to give her plenty of reassurance with a good rubbing session. She also tends to think she has done something wrong if you take her collar to lead her outside.

Boots stands by the door if she needs to go out where she does her business and then is ready to go inside again. She does enjoy a few minutes of sun bathing, and if you go inside she will be right behind you. She is getting much better at “come” and has learned to “wait” at the door we use for our walks and exits when I say OK. She has learned to wait her turn for dinner and when she’s finished her food, she’ll check the other bowls for more!

Boots would love to be in a quiet home where she can love and be loved. Apartment life may hold too many strange noises so a single family house will suit her best.

Boots' Foster Parents

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