Bones is an approximate 1 1/2 to 2 year old fuzzy brindle male that was an owner surrender to the Woodward, OK Animal Shelter. Bones was released by his owner because he could not gain weight and he wanted a "bigger" dog. Bones indeed came to GALT weighing only a little over 50 pounds. His foster mom is working on his weight gain. Bones initial medical exam revealed a slight heart murmur. He is being monitored for that and will complete his medical processing once he gains some weight. It is not known at this time if Bones is cat tolerant; however he is living peacefully with a small dog.

UPDATE 4/15/18

Bones' heart murmur has been evaluated by Dr. Kelly Nitsche of VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic. His condition has been diagnosed as severe tricuspid value dysplasia. The prognosis for the severity of his disease is not good. Bones is being kept in his loving foster home and under the care of Dr. Nitsche for the time he has left with us.

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Bones is a strikingly beautiful hound mix with widely spaced amber-colored eyes and a shaggy coat. He has a sweet, gentle personality and enjoys meeting new people. He is eating a meal plan designed to help him gain weight. Bones is living with a pack: a senior female greyhound that is also the alpha, a young female greyhound who is the omega dog and a 15 lb. senior male Chihuahua. Bones defers to all of them, but occasionally will bark at the other dogs when he perceives a space violation. He loves to romp in the yard with my younger female, who has been helping him rebuild muscle mass on his skinny frame by chasing him around the yard. He loves to ride in the car and enjoys hanging his head out the window when we are driving at surface street speed. I watch him in the rear-view mirror and laugh. He looks like a Labrador with his chops flapping in the wind. Nearby drivers also seem to be charmed by the pleasure on his face. Bones absolutely hates the crate. I feed him in it at each meal, but he doesn’t like being left in it when I go to work. Fortunately, his house manners are perfect, so he doesn’t need to be crated. He uses the doggy door and has not had an accident in the house since he figured it out. This sweet funny boy loves every kind of toy there is. He moves them out of the house into one spot in the yard where he lies down in the middle of them and lounges in the sunshine. He tosses them, carries them and chews on them. I suspect that Bones has not had much indoor experience in life. He has moments of fear caused by tile or shiny floors. I feel confident that he can be trained out of it though he will move across the scary floor when leashed and reassured. I think Bones would do well as part of a pack. He is small dog safe but has not been tested with cats or children yet. He would do best with access to a doggy door.

Bones' Foster Mom

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