Bombay, aka Fuzzys Time Bomb, is an 8-year-old black female born December 10, 2004. Her sire is Fuzzys Cannon, and her dam is Oneco Attitude. Bombay has no races to her credit on, but she did whelp a litter of puppies in June 2008 with sire Maryville Rumble. This gal is looking forward to finding a loving home!

Bombay has not yet been tested with cats or small animals.

Bombay is a happy, spunky 8 year old lady with a zest for naps, treats, car rides and stuffies. She acts much younger than her years and will do joyful zoomies while flirting with her favorite raw hide chews and will then lie down for a long beauty nap. Like other former brood matrons, Bombay enjoys keeping the other hounds in line and she often guards the food bowls. She is an apha girl and wants everyone to mind her rules. She would be best in a home with submissive dogs who don't mind her "momma routine".

She loves kids and is fine with the small dogs she meets. Usually a good sniff is what she needs, then she loses interest. Each day when I leave for work Bombay is convinced that this will be the day she gets to go along! When she does get to go for a ride, she hops into the car and enjoys the drive no matter where we end up. Bombay did mark in the bedroom when I first brought her home but a good squirt with a water bottle ended that. She had no need for instruction on the dog door, she used it the first time she saw another dog go out then back in. At first she wouldn't take a cookie from my hand, but now she will be the first one in line when its cookie time. Sometimes she gets so excited about treats that she can't stand still long enough to get a good grip on it before she spins around thinking she has it, then realizes she's missing something and comes back to try again!

She isn't a velcro dog, and won't demand attention but loves a good ear rub and belly scratch when you offer it. She is quiet, graceful, serene, happy and silly all at the same time. Don't be fooled by the grey-ing face, this girl has a youthful spirit and will fool you into thinking she's much younger than her years. If you want a confident, bossy, greyhound girl who will loves her downtime and cookies more than being the center of attention, Bombay is your girl!

Bombay's Foster Mom