Bobby is an approximately 2-year-old blue male with a striking white blaze from his chest to the bottom of his chin and another down the center of his face! GALT was contacted by an animal-loving couple, Eva and Ron, about taking Bobby into GALT’s family. Here is an excerpt from an email from them:

"Hello, we have a 2-year-old male greyhound that needs a good home. He was found a year ago abandoned in Lamar county and was taken care of by the lady who found him until recently. She got a pit bull and feared for the greyhound’s safety and said he had to go, or be put down as a last resort. We could not let that happen after meeting him. He really is a sweet boy. We took him home with hopes he would get along with our Italian greyhounds, but they are a little too high strung for his lifestyle. He's very laid back, but will snap at them when they get on his nerves. It's more their fault than his. He sticks to ya like glue when walking and absolutely no potty issues when in the house. Please let us know if you can help him. Thank you, Ron."

Very sadly, Eva and Ron transferred Bobby to GALT; they loved him but had to put their little girls first. Bobby is in a foster home with other greyhounds and is play bowing and loves toys! It is not known at this time if Bobby is small animal or cat tolerant.

Bobby Bobby

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