Bob, aka JS Daytona Davey, came to GALT as an owner release. Bob is from Florida where he had been used for research and as a blood donor prior to his being adopted---the first time! After several years in this home, the family decided they liked the "little" dog better, so Bob was sent packing... and what a blessing that was--not only for Bob, but for Jane and Bruce Tischler! Thank doG Bob is now in his forever home.

Dear GALT,

Just a short note to tell you how happy Bruce and I are to have Bob in our family. He has added so much to our lives. As you know, we were a little nervous about adding a dog to our "cats only" home; and so far it has really been great. Bob ignores Pippi and Cleo and they ignore him. He has really gotten settled into a routine; knows the squeak of the pantry door (where the treats are), can tell when we are going to bed, and seems to understand when we are going for a ride.

Bob is a big lovable baby. You should see the picture of him deciding he needed to sit on my lap to watch TV! He is kind and loving and listens (to me at least). The kids in the neighborhood come over and ask if Bob can come out and play. He gives them a great chase for about 10 minutes, then he has had enough. I'm really glad we chose to call about adoption. I tell everyone who will listen about the "greyt" pets that greyhounds make.

I would also like to add what a pleasant experience the adoption process was. Everyone we met from GALT was kind, courteous (and tolerant) of our many questions and I want to thank you all.

Bob's mom, Jane

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