Bluebonnet Bluebonnet

Bluebonnet is a red brindle five-year-old girl with a dark face and beautiful markings. She came to GALT from the SPCA in Dallas and is fitting in just fine with her foster home. She loves to be part of the family so long as there are no cats! Bluebonnet is responding well to staying in her x-pen and has learned when the food bowls come out, she eagerly goes into her pen. Care is being taken to feed separately until it is determined if she is food aggressive. There have been no problems so far.

Bluebonnet is affectionate and likes to be in close proximity to her foster brother "Mosey". She has done well in the house, and Mosey has shared a few of his stuffies with her which she seems to like. Bluebonnet is very curious and loves to watch out the windows in the living room. She finds the outside world fascinating, especially the birdbath in the back yard, which makes a perfect drinking bowl!

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