Blondie, aka Digging for Gold, is a 4 year-old, beautiful, light fawn female born September 1, 2006. Her sire is Aimin By Design, making her grand sire the famous Molotov, and her dam is Char Gold Strike, making her grand sire the famous Gable Dodge. Blondie was adopted and in a home for about 1½years, but it was not to be her forever home. Blondie has no races to her record so not much is known of her history. Blondie was originally found as a stray on the grounds of the same pipe company in Alvaredo, Texas as Cassie. It is not known at this time if Blondie is small animal or cat tolerant.

Blondie is a beautiful girl with very light blonde hair that's cotton-soft to the touch and big brown eyes. She is very affectionate and will cover you with little kisses whenever she gets a chance.

During the first couple of days in my home she seemed uninterested in the dog door and in stuffies, but suddenly on the third day she grabbed a stuffie and headed right out with it! Now there is no stopping her; she is a stuffie collector, and empties the toy box every time it gets refilled. She doesn't destroy the stuffies; she only wants to move them to her favorite spot in the back yard.

She has never had an accident in the house, but if allowed access to paper trash, she will happily shred it for you!

Blondie will eat everything you give her and loves treats. She is very food motivated and easy to teach. She eats in a crate, and enjoys napping in the crate, too.

This little girl is very patient with one of the smaller dogs in the house: a 28-pound whippet who bothers her constantly. She allows him to try to get her to play, and once she's had enough of him she'll just walk away and lie down. She isn't too sure what kids are, but is sweet and gentle with them. She is not yet cat-tested, but is definitely small animal and kid tolerant.

If you want a very happy, affectionate, easy-going girl to love and spoil, Blondie is the one for you!

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