Bliss, fka TMC’s Miss Bliss, is a 4 1/2 year old brindle female born on November 23, 2015. Her sire is Craigie Whistler and her dam is TMC’s Moneymaker. Bliss has 73 races to her credit in Florida and West Virginia and is now ready for her own special home. She is presently undergoing medical evaluation and will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Bliss is a happy, playful girl with excellent house manners who has come to adore toys, walks, soft beds, and treats. When she first arrived she was quite shy and a little frightened of her newfound freedom. Except to go potty, she hung back in the crate for two weeks, watching the world outside of it go by and listening to all the strange sounds.

Like anyone from a foreign place, she watched hours of TV, fascinated by the sound of the speakers and the movement on the ever-changing screen. She intently observed as the other dogs tossed toys around and lounged on their beds getting lots of petting and attention. Slowly Bliss emerged from the crate to eat her meals and go for walks, spending more and more time letting us love on her. Soon she learned that being outside the crate was a lot more interesting and fun than being inside of it. Once she found out that sleeping on a slumber ball was way more comfortable than sleeping on a crate pad, she abandoned the crate (although she goes in there occasionally for naps). Then she discovered that toys that squeaked were more fun than the ones that don't. She learned that walking nicely on her leash earned her a lot of praise and meant that a longer walk would happen.

Bliss has found out that standing still for 'lovies' means ear 'scrtichies' and smooches on the special 'kissy spot' on her head, and that flipping over on her back means there will be special tummy rubbies. Within a month of her arrival from the kennel, Bliss evolved from a leery retired racer into a full-fledged pet! She's fully housebroken and does not chew inappropriately. She especially loves her meals and "cookie time" each evening. Car rides are a favorite activity. She jumps in and out of the car on her own and loves watching the world go by out the window as she rides. Another favorite pastime is chasing the squirrels and bunnies in the backyard. She has no fear of storms, loud noises, or strangers, though she doesn't like being by herself without another dog in the house. Miss Bliss is very affectionate and loyal and she loves laying by your feet. She hasn't been cat or small dog tested yet; due to her prey drive, Bliss isn't likely safe around cats.

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