Bingo, aka Johnnie Bingo, is a 2 year old black male. His sire is Gable Sourcream and his dam is Burnt Clutch. Johnnie only ran 5 races before deciding to head for the nearest couch. He has decided that it is best that he not live with cats but still needs to be evaluated for tolerance to other small animals.

There are a number of websites, including, that allow you to trace the pedigree and racing history of registered greyhounds by looking up their racing name or their sire and dam.

You can’t help but put BINGO'S name in all capitals because we say his name as if I've just won at a game of BINGO!

BINGO is a stunningly handsome black greyhound who is adapting well to life in a house with a family. BINGO is a quick learner who is adjusting nicely with simple corrections -he's already learned to let his people go through doorways first, that jumping on the counter isn't good manners and he's practically mastered walking on a right side heel. BINGO isn't at all bothered by our robot vacuums. He loves toys and hasn't met a toy yet that he can't destroy. BINGO will happily chase after a tennis ball and bring it right back to you for another run. BINGO loves to be near to his people and will follow me from room to room all day.

He loves to explore the backyard and find a nice grassy spot for a sunbeam snooze. BINGO sleeps quietly all night in his crate and is a good boy in his crate whenever we aren't home. Throughout the day, he can usually be found lounging halfway off one of the many dog beds scattered about our house. BINGO hasn't had any accidents in the house and he rides great in the car. BINGO is still adjusting to house life - he hasn't had any interest in trying the stairs yet, he finds ceiling fans a bit menacing, he currently loves stealing our shoes and barks whenever he hears another dog (that includes hearing himself bark in a video or a dog barking on TV).

BINGO is still learning about the world and all strange sights and sound. He’s sensitive to thunderstorms and a bit uncomfortable crossing unfamiliar thresholds, like at pet stores. In time his curiosity will be an asset and help him learn to become more comfortable with his surroundings.

This big boy has only been in his foster home for a short time, and I am confident he'll master retired life quickly and be the perfect furry addition to any family.

Bingo's Foster Parents

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