Billie, aka Billie Outlaw, is a 5-year-old black female born on August 8, 2008. Billie's sire is Flying Penske and her dam is Jr's Outlaw. Billie has 81 races on record at, all in Florida. She started her career on July 6, 2010 and finished on October 23, 2012. After racing, she returned to the breeding farm. This gorgeous girl with white tips on her toes and a little white stripe on her neck is now retired!

Billie is living with cats in her foster home.

Billie loves to chase birds and squirrels. Once the back door opens, she runs top speed to the corner of the yard looking for anything moving. She is a very playful girl. She loves her toys and her sprints with her foster brother and sister. She is a very easygoing greyhound and has adapted well. She has never had an accident in the house and will whine when she needs to go outside. She is living peacefully with 2 kitties. She still wants to play with them and regardless of how many times she is swatted and hissed at, she still meets them with a wagging tail and an eagerness to play. Due to this, I still remain vigilant when they are interacting. Billie means no harm to the kitties, she just wants to play. She rides in the car well and loves her walks. She loves to have a blanket on her bed so she can "arrange" it just right before she lays down but actually she loves my bed better. We are diligently working on keeping her off our bed. She doesn't even try to get on other furniture - just the bed.

I think Billie would do well as an only dog or in a pack. She is really just easygoing and very lovable.

Billie's Foster Mom

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