Bill Bill

Bill, aka Jetta Bill, is a stunning three-year-old brindle male born January 21, 2002. One look tells you that Bill's sire is indeed the famous Molotov and his dam is Jetta Dorothy, with his grandsire on her side being Wigwam Wag. Bill has that striking white blaze on his chest and white on his nose that distinguishes so many of Molotov's offspring. According to, Bill's racing career started January 30, 2004 and ended February 5, 2004 (6 DAYS!) in Corpus Christi. Bill came to GALT from a rescue situation in Oklahoma where he was taken into custody by the authorities with 8 other greyhounds. Bill appears to be small animal and cat tolerant.

Bill is built sturdier than most greyhounds, but is very gentle. He loves affection! He jumped into my SUV from a standstill and enjoyed sticking his nose out the back windows while riding in the car. At this point, he feels secure with a crate and prefers to lay in there even though the door is open and he has access to the house. He gets along great with 2 other greyhounds and a terrier mix. As for the cats, my "blind"cat was able to stroll leisurely through the kitchen among Bill's legs. Bill learned very quickly that the cat food on the dryer was not for him. He's a very smart dog and only required a little one-on-one attention to the matter. Please come meet Bill and let his soulful brown eyes melt your heart!

Bill's Foster Family
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