Big Guy Big Guy

Big Guy is a striking, 2 1/2-year-old black male born June 2008. His sire is Maryville Rumble, and his dam is Fuzzy’s Time Bomb. He was not individually registered with the National Greyhound Association. When he arrived, Big Guy's 3rd digit on his right rear foot was abnormally large and knuckled over, causing constant bleeding and enormous irritation. Dr. Jeff Ellis of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital amputated that toe. Biopsy results indicated a nail bed inverted squamous papilloma with chronic inflammation. Recovery was slow, and weeks later the 4th digit on the same foot looked almost identical to the 3rd digit. Amputation of this toe was completed on June 17 with the biopsy showing the same results. When another toe showed the same chronic inflammation, Dr. Ellis referred him to Dr. Dennis Crow of Animal Dermatology Center, who determined it was an ischemic vasculopathy presumptive viral papilloma. After months of unsuccessful treatment from Dr. Crow, he and Dr. Ellis determined the best course of action for Big Guy was amputation of that leg. That was completed on November 18. He is doing GREYT! All of his stitches have been removed, and this sweet, sweet boy with a personality as big as Texas is ready to find his forever home!

Big Guy is cat tolerant, but has not yet been tested with small animals.

Big Guy

Big Guy isn't really that big, so he's nicknamed Little Big or Biggy Smalls around his foster home. When he first came here, he had a thick, fluffy kennel coat. He's lost 98% of it at this point and has a beautiful, sleek black coat now.

Big is a little shy at first, but warms up with a little time. He gets along greyt with his foster siblings and although he defers to them, he's very playful! He also likes to get in a little play with the cats, but they're not so interesting any more. Little Big also likes to go for car rides. Come meet this sweet, docile young boy and see if his clear-eyed gaze doesn't just melt your heart.

Big Guy's Foster Mom
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