Bess is a six month old white and fawn female born March 3, 2018. She is the result of an "oops" litter born in southwestern Oklahoma, where the mom is a greyhound and dad is a staghound. This girl is already is taking after her dad in size. It is not know if Bess is cat tolerant at this time.

Bess is beautiful girl with gorgeous dark eyeliner around her smoky eyes. She gets her striking fawn and white coloring from her Daddy. Bess is a very personable pup, she’s just flat out happy about everything. Being a puppy, she has two speeds – fast and faster! She loves to race around the yard (and the house), and has the energy to run laps.

Sweet Bess is a smart little girl. In the past 2 months she has learned sit, and down, and come. She will run through sit and down then look at you expectantly waiting for you to give her a treat. With consistency, she learns what you want and wants to please.

Bess loves, loves, loves other dogs – young or old, big or small. She is particularly close a shy female in her foster home. This remarkable puppy has brought her foster sister out of her shell to where they are playing together in the yard.

When Bess wants something, she is a bit of a talker and sometimes a whiner. She is crated when her foster Mom leaves the house and will occasionally have an accident in her crate. Bess is much better with house manners when everyone’s home and she’s out and about.

Miss Bess LOVES toys! Her favorite “was” a honktapus that sadly gave up its stuffing. Nowadays her favorite is whichever toy is in somedoggy else’s crate. Bess “collects” them all to her spot and then plays with them one at a time. Lately she’s become a shoe thief. Thankfully she doesn’t chew them, just adds them to her treasure trove.

Cuddle time isn’t Bess’ thing though she does want to be close to her person – just hanging out nearby playing with a toy or two.

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