Bergy Bergy

Bergy, aka HD Bergy, is a beautiful, champagne fawn, 8-year-old female born July 18, 2001. Bergy’s sire is System Carl and her dam is System Air Bergy. Bergy’s racing career shows her starting January 18, 2003 at the Hollywood track located in Hallandale, Florida and ending at the Flagler track in Miami, Florida on August 12, 2003. Bergy was originally found as a stray in Amarillo, TX, and was turned into the pound there. She came into GALT’s family in July 2005. Her whereabouts from then, like so many of GALT’s strays, until she was found was not known. Bergy was successfully treated for Ehrlichia. She was adopted in November of 2005, but has been returned due to a family divorce. It is not known at this time if Bergy is small animal or cat tolerant.

Bergy is just a joy to have in the home! She learned to use the dog door in just a couple of days, and has been very reliable in her house manners. Bergy is a distinguished girl but she has an impish streak that strikes at the oddest times – she will go from lying quietly on a dog bed to pouncing on a stuffed toy in seconds flat! But if she encounters a chew toy, she’s back to lying quietly, chewing to her heart’s content.


While she continues to maintain her model-thin figure, Bergy will not miss out on a treat. She follows me into the “food room” whether I’m preparing dinner or getting a drink of water. Bergy is patient, though, and never counter-surfs; she just waits for the treat that she is confident is on its way, and she is rarely disappointed. She will gently take the treat, lick her lips, and then wait for another. Who can resist those dark eyes in that light face?

What Bergy loves most (after treats) are her people. She is a beloved dog in her foster home, and she expects no less from everyone she meets. Ear scritches, petting, finding the tickle spot on her ribs – all are signs of the adoration that she will accept from the humans she encounters. 

Since Bergy lived several years in a home, she sometimes forgets the rules of her foster home and selects a piece of furniture as her resting spot. However, if you remind her that she is not to be on the furniture, she quickly moves to one of the dog beds; her look of sad Greyhound eyes tells you she is very sorry to disappoint you and perhaps she should get an ear scritch since she was so quick to obey.

Bergy can be the picture of readiness when she is alerted that a squirrel has entered her yard.  Her ears will pop up and her eyes will brighten as she searches for the marauder who dares to violate the sanctity of her yard. When she spots the scoundrel she will bark a few times to gather her Greyhound troops around her and help her defend her territory. She is a leader!

Bergy is generally excited to go different places, so she sometimes “wanders” side-to-side on lead. She never pulls though – she is too much of a lady for that. Consistent walks with lots of praise should convince her that staying by your side is the place to be. Come meet this elegant lady soon!

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