Ben is an approximately 2-year-old white & brindle male found as a stray in Fort Worth in an area known for dog dumping. He came to GALT via Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, and was treated at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital for large bite wounds on his neck and right rear haunch. He is all healed up now! Ben is still very timid and wary of people - he will need some time in his foster home to learn to trust again.

Ben has passed an initial cat test.

Ben is a dear sweet boy who has been severely traumatized in his past. He doesn't seem to be afraid of other dogs, but people make him nervous. He spends his days on a dog bed in a corner with his face to the wall - trying to hide as much as possible. Ben will now jump up when invited to go outside, quickly does his business in the yard, and then wants back inside where he can go to his safe corner.

While Ben isn't sure about people, he doesn't want to be alone either, and prefers to have the company of another dog or a person in the room. He paid no attention to cats during a quick introduction to them.

He will require special patience and understanding while his psyche heals. Ben is making slow but encouraging progress. He will take a good treat out of our hands if we hold very still. He will go on a walk with the other dogs and while he wants to pull back inside the house, once we're on the way he doesn't have his tail tucked the whole time. He will eat his meals with us in the same room now, and go outside when invited instead of needing to be carried out. I know it doesn't sound like much, but he has taken small steps in the start of a longer journey to relaxation and trust.

Ben's Foster Parents