Belle, aka AB Belle, is a 13 month old red female born August 4, 2018. Her sire is Kiowa Mon Manny and her dam is Flying Snoopy. Belle was not destined for a racing career so she has come to GALT to find her perfect forever family. Belle should not live with cats nor small dogs.

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This young girl is as lovable as she looks. Behind that cute face is a 13-month old puppy so she still has little bit of that youthful curiosity and energy in her! Nevertheless, she’s all greyhound – follows you everywhere, loves “yoga stretches”, roos rather than barks and wags her tail at strangers.

Belle gets along well with other dogs, greyhounds and non-greyhounds, and loves to play chase with them. If no one is playing with her, she also loves her squeaky toys. She does have a habit of carrying things around, mostly clothes and shoes, though one time car keys magically transferred from the coffee table to her bed so if you don’t want her to rearrange the house, you need to keep things out of her reach. And just to be safe, it’s better to hide all valuable items (and paper!!) from her, she’s not really a chewer; however, a few remote controls have been known to stop working under her watch.

She uses the doggy door consistently and if it is closed, she will become very vocal when she wants to go out. She doesn’t like to stay in the crate, and we used baby gates in the beginning to prevent her from wondering around. She’s fine in a crate if you and other dogs are close by, but when I leave the house she wants to follow the other dogs when they go to other rooms to sleep.

Belle loves to give kisses and when excited she might still jump on you, and we’re learning proper manners in basic obedience class. She responds quite well with treats and positive reinforcement and is very eager to please you. So overall, she’s a sweet and playful little girl who wants to be close to her people. She’ll make a wonderful pet to a family that is affectionate with her and spends time with her at home or doing other activities. She’s curious about everything in this world and whatever you do, she’ll always be there to help you!

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