Bella is a beautiful five-year-old, dark brindle female. Initially found as a stray, Bella lived in a home for some time until her owner found she could no longer keep her. Bella is tattooed, so we know that her sire is TNT Star Wars, that her dam is Brilliant Dash, and that she celebrates her birthday on January 21.

Bella's platelet count was very low when she arrived at GALT, but now that she is finishing her antibiotics, it is almost back to normal and she has tested negative for all tick diseases. Bella is on the shy side, but her foster family has seen progress since her arrival. She has her little quirks, one being that she prefers to leisurely eat alone without any human or canine dinner companions, sometimes taking up to an hour to finish her meal. If we all were such dainty eaters, perhaps we would all have Bella's svelte figure! Bella is a quiet little lady who is quite comfortable in her crate while her foster family is gone from the house. Bella is cat tolerant.

Bella is a sweet, petite brindle babe. She has a delicate white stripe going down her forehead and down the back of her neck to match her delicate demeanor. Her paws and chest are white too.

From the very beginning she got along famously with all her canine brothers and sisters and followed their lead around the house and has formed a special bond with our Golden Retriever. She loves her crate, is totally house trained (not even one accident in the house so I can brag that I house trained her). As an extra bonus, she sleeps quietly through the night and likes to sleep in late in the morning.

Bella likes to prance around, turning in circles as if to say, "Look how I can twirl, I am the Bell(a) of the Ball."

A little bit shy in the beginning, Bella has warmed up to our human family members and found a warm place in our hearts as well. She shows her excitement when we arrive home and hops about to celebrate our return from an errand or from work.

Bella's Foster Mom