Bella is a beautiful shiny black 2-year-old female with white-tipped back toes and just a little spot of white on her chest. She was born in 2001. Her registration tattoos are illegible, so her history is unknown, although she arrived with Cookie and Gable. She walks well on a leash, is easy to handle, and loves her crate. Bella appears to be cat tolerant.


Bella is a very active, playful, and happy girl. She does well with other dogs and can wear them out playing. However, once she plays she will settle down for some R&R. She loves toys and can play with other dogs or by herself. She can fetch a ball, though she won't bring it back, and play tug-o-war with another K-9 pal. She is the first dog to topple over the toy basket in search of more toys.

She is good about going into her crate, so long as you give her a greenie treat once she is in. She knows the doggie door and stairs. She hops around and comes for some TLC when you come home and wake up in the morning. She sleeps in her doggie bed in the bedroom with me and the other dogs. She sleeps through the night with no fuss. She has not gotten on my furniture as of yet, but I'm sure she would not mind.

She is very smart and should do great in a obedience class. She is a quick learner. She is still very curious and has mouthed furniture though I have caught her before she damaged them. Bitter Apple has worked well to deter her chewing. Bella's unique thing is walking backward. She doesn't turn around, she backs out of rooms. I find that hilarious. She is so cute. Definitely a great pet to have.

She only had one accident in the house the first day I brought her. She has been accident free since. She uses the doggy door well, but on rainy days she needs encouragment to get out. She rides well in the truck and behaves when on leash. She is still learning commands like 'come', 'out', etc. and may at times be hesitant to come or follow you if she isn't quite sure what you are up to.

She eats very well. Bella has never turned down food. She even goes looking at the other dogs bowls when she's done, just in case they left something behind. And like most greyhounds, she is a sloppy drinker.

I think Bella will do well with other dogs, the more the merrier. She may be a tad rough as playing includes Bella putting her mouth around their neck and legs as a sign of playfulness. A house with a yard and doggie door would be a plus. She will want equal attention from her new person too.

Bella's Foster Mom
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