Bee is a 4 year old red female born in May 2017. Her right ear tattoo reads 57E, but her registration number is illegible at this time. Bee arrived with greyhounds from Kansas, and is one sweet and fun girl!

We call her Queen Bee. She loves people and attention, and returns the adoration with great affection. She gets along quite well with her foster brother and loves to spend time with him chasing squirrels, doing zoomie races and sunbathing.

Bee has the run of the house even when we are away and has never had an accident or harmed anything. She is not a fussy eater and has no aggression issues with food or anything else. She doesn't get on the furniture or counter surf. Bee sleeps all night in one of the several dog beds available to her.

Bee likes to play with toys on occasion - mostly collecting and rearranging them. She enjoys walks and does well on a leash. She gets a little too excited when we see small dogs or cats. I do not think she would do well with either.

She is sweet, good natured, and darn near perfect. That's why we call her Queen Bee.

Bee's Foster Parents