Beck is an untattooed white & red male found as a stray in Johnson County and was brought into the GALT family on April 12, 2012. He is believed to be between 3 and 4 years old. Like so many GALT strays, Beck was positive to Ehrlicha Canis, Babesia Canis and had very low platelets. He has successfully completed his treatment for all, as well as his final medical procedures. This boy is ready to find his forever home! A recheck of Beck's Protatek test indicates the successful treatment of both tick borne diseases, as well as a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test which was negative to the tick borne panel.

Beck is not cat tolerant.

Beck is a sweet, funny, happy, smart, and silly boy! Beck seems to always be in the middle of whatever is going on...he doesn't want to miss a thing! He seems to think whatever is happening, it's his job to either follow or hang out and observe. When we head out to the back yard to check on the garden, he trots along as if he knows it's his job too. Beck loves going for a quick swim on the tanning bench of the pool, then lay out on the concrete to sun himself. For some reason, beds are optional for him, inside and outside - he can be "rugged" like his lab siblings. However, Beck also enjoys the finer things in life, such as a big cushy dog bed (and will occasionally try and sneak in our bed or on the sofa too).

Beck is extroverted and enjoys his own company. He loves playing with his dog siblings, but I do feel he would do just fine as an only dog too. I guess I would say Beck tends to be submissive, although his personality says he is otherwise, since he's so confident. But during times when other dogs have barked at him, he will go down to the ground submitting. He's a polite eater with the other dogs and if he tries to sneak their food, a firm "no" and he fully knows what I'm trying to say. Beck is really a smart dogger.

Beck does well in a crate while I'm at work. We will often let him stay out in house, and he is a perfect dogger having free reign.

I think Beck is one of my snuggliest greyhound fosters. He can roll up into a smaller ball than most greyhounds...and really enjoys just being loved on. While he's only been around kids a few times, I wouldn't hesitate to place him in a home with younger kids. He seems to be very tolerant and just happy being loved on.

Beck is not cat tolerant, nor would I say he's small fluffy dog tolerant. He loves to chase fluffy things! Out of all the fosters we've had, Beck is one of my most favorites. His loving, chill and silly personality has really captured me - will it capture you too?

Beck's Foster Mom