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Beau, aka Bad Bailsman, is a striking 4½-year-old brindle male, born June 21, 2000. Beau's sire is My Rooster and his dam is Bad Example, making his grand sire HB’s Commander. Beau's racing career consisted of 90 races according to His first race was February 17, 2002 at Valley Race Park in Harlingen, TX, and ended at the same track on December 5, 2003. Most of his career was spent at the Dubuque track in Iowa where he raced grade A to grade D.

Beau was in a home for almost one year, but it was not to be his forever home. He is a friendly, happy greyhound who gets along well with other dogs. His foster mom describes him as a real affectionate cuddle bug with excellent house manners. It is not known at this time if he is small animal or cat tolerant.

My name is Beau, it means "beautiful" in French. I must admit that I have been told that I am handsome! This is not me bragging, it is what my foster mom tells me… I am about 4.5 years young. I look a bit like a tiger, it's because I am a brindle, and I am full of stripes. Even my face has stripes. In addition to that, I have a cute curly tail with a perfectly white tip. My tail is actually my mood gauge; when I am happy, my tails is high and very curled, and when I am scared or upset, it hangs low and very straight… I lived in a home for about a year. It wasn't to be my forever home, but that is OK. Sometimes things are not meant to be.


In the meantime, I am living well in a foster home with three other dogs, some with long legs and some with short legs. On the weekends, two small fluffy dogs come to visit. I am fine with them too. I do get a little bit too excited around the small dogs, so we avoid playing together; just to be on the safe side. Hanging out together, that is no problem. I think we can work on this with time. I love to be around other dogs, not much of a loner. My foster mom tells me I am a good boy… I get hugs and cuddles all the time, they say I need it, and I think they are right. I really like getting belly rubs and chest rubs, especially on the white patch on my chest. It gets my funny bone going and my right leg starts moving… We laugh at that. I'll take a scratch under my chin too, that is probably my favorite spot… I will raise my nose up and stretch out my neck to show you how much I love to be rubbed under my chin. I also like to stick my head under your arm and lean my entire body weight against you… feels good to be close.

At the moment, my self confidence is a bit on the low side, but we are working on it. In the beginning, when I heard a loud noise or if my foster mom performed any fast movements, I ran into the bedroom where I have my favorite "safe" spot. I am a fast learner, and significant improvements have already been made. I now know that coming back out to the room where the others are provides me with treats and hugs, and I am feeling better about myself every day. You will have to earn my trust… I am a bit more careful than some other Greys… Once we have been together a little bit, and I know your interest is truly my best, we will be best pals - but I want you to know that I am bit careful at first.

After our walks and play time, I am a big fan of lying around. My preferred spot is on one of the many doggie beds we have around the house, although my safe spot in the bedroom is still #1. I am not a furniture dog, just don't care for it. As I feel comfortable in my foster home, I prefer to sleep with my legs straight up in the air all sprawled out on my back. I actually take up two beds. My foster brother has had to move to another bed since I take so much room. He is nice though, he doesn't mind. We are actually very good buddies, and I particularly like to rest my head on his back as we often stand close. I really like having a big brother.


When foster mom comes to check on me while I am resting in my safe spot, I push my long legs against her, keeping her at "arms length" so to speak. For some reason she doesn't want to play that game, as she says it keeps her away from my face, she wants to be closer. My secret - I am only playing hard to get, as I really prefer to be close too. I'll shut my eyes, and stay very still until she is done. At times, all I want is a back rub and I'll move my head, just so you'll know.

Most of the time, I am a quiet boy. However, I have figured out, that when I want to play, and nobody else is around, I bark. Then all the others will come running from where ever they are; dogs and humans alike. This cracks me up! I get down in the play position and say "play with me" and they do. I think the humans are on to me though, because these days they only come once in a while. Oh well, I'll find something else to do. I am learning about toys, and if I find one that squeaks, I am happy. Not much for fetching, having the toys thrown up in the air and all that - don't like it when they land…. I do like playing the game "try and catch it if you can" where somebody pulls the toy away from me, and I try to catch it with my legs. When I finally get it, I grab it and run off to a bed. Feel real proud of myself at those moments.

I like to run next to my foster brother, and we run up and down the yard for long periods of time. I outrun him every time, he is older and I am faster. I get these ideas, when I try to see how many laps I can run. Afterwards, I need a moment to myself so I can catch my breath, because I am completely exhausted. If the play gets too loud or too crazy, I tend to walk off; I still find it a bit intimidating even though I know we are all friends. I am not into catching balls and stuff, not for me.

My foster family has a doggie door; boy did I dislike that thing in the beginning. We worked and worked on it, and I just didn't want to walk through it no matter what delicious treat there was on the other side. But guess what? Now I walk in and out doing my business outside every time. I have only had one accident since I came, that was before I figured out that the doggie door is my friend. I feel so good about myself when I come running through the doggie door, I wag my tail like crazy, and if I could speak human, I would say "look at me, I did it again!" It's also a good way to get a couple of treats… I cannot believe I was afraid of that thing. We have established that I don't do well alone for 12 hours a day. I am afraid my system is such that I cannot hold it that long. With a doggie door though, no problems! Although, being alone for extended periods of time, day after day, makes me sad. By the way, foster mom wanted me to add that I haven't marked in the house since I came.


There are a few things I really, really don't like. For instance, you need to know that I don't crate well. It scares me and I will do virtually everything to avoid it. Fortunately for me, I am a well behaved boy even when I am alone, and I have no interest in chewing or destructive behavior, so I don't have to stay in the crate during the days. Currently, car rides makes me very nervous too. Although I cannot remember what, I seem to associate it with something bad. My foster canines are working on making car rides a positive experience for me, and we go to fun places. They tell me, that with time, I will forget the bad, and only remember the good. Maybe you can help me with that too? Fireworks are something else that REALLY frightens me. Please don't use fireworks around me! I have been known to scale an 8 feet fence during fireworks…

Other than that, I am a brave boy. Not sure about thunderstorms, as I haven't experienced one for a while.

I don't counter surf, and I sit when asked. If I am asked to do something that I really don't want to do, like going into the crate, I will repeatedly sit, showing everybody what a good boy I am… hoping that it will convince somebody that I don't have to do what I am asked to do. Foster mom did take pity on me regarding the crate thing, and in return, I rewarded her with my great house manners. I must say that I am one happy boy at this point.


My favorite thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is to go for walks. When the leash is pulled out, and I know it is time, I pogo and dance from pure joy. While walking, I hold my tail very high (and very curled), and my head even higher. I prance and strut! Those are the best moments of the day. I don't pay much attention to other dogs when out and about, as my focus is to move forward and keep walking. When I was new in my foster home, I was a bit unruly on the leash, but after only a few walks, I figured out what was expected from me, and now I am doing real well. I must admit, from time to time, I am so excited about the walk that I cannot contain myself, and I do tend to pull on the leash a bit much. Maybe you don't mind working with me on that? I'd be a great exercise pal, as I like speed walking.

Foster mom tells me that I am a big love of a boy that you cannot help but adore. My adorable face, my constantly wagging tail, my sweet personality; I guess it does make me GREYT to have around. At least that is what I hear. Personally - I cannot wait to meet you - my new family. I won't disappoint you! I am so ready.

Warm regards from Beau!

Beau, via his Foster Mom
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