Bear Bear

Bear, aka Ale Greysbeeline, is a big, black loveable bear of a Greyhound. Born on July 13, 2001, this almost 5-year-old is the offspring of sire, Greys Statesman, and dam, Beeline Marlene. Bear's great grand daddy is the famous Dutch Bahama, sire to 1872 Greyhounds. In 2003, Bear started a career that would span 137 races in 3 states over a 3-year time period. A Grade-A racer at Dairlyland and Dubuque, Bear decided to retire at the end of this year's racing season at Valley Park, outside of Harlingen. He is now looking for a place to hang his hat and call home. It is not known at this time if Bear is small animal or cat tolerant.


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