Bazooka, aka Dancin Bazooka, is a handsome 2.5 year old white and black male born September 22, 2018. His sire is Gigawatt and his dam is Blackjack Emily. Bazooka had 15 races to his credit before suffering a career ending injury. Surgery was performed at Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center on September 28, 2020. After being kept quiet in a foster home for months, he is healed and ready to find his foster home. Bazooka should not live with cats.

While his name and size imply an intimidating presence, Bazooka is nothing like that. Bazooka is a love and has a wonderful temperament. His markings are striking and his soulful eyes blend into the dark patches on his face.

He was a model patient during the recovery from a broken leg and rested comfortably in the crate when we were away. He left his cast alone and thoroughly enjoyed the weekly bandage changes at the surgery center. It was adorable to see him light up when he saw his favorite technicians meet him at the door - this boy has never met a stranger. We crate Bazooka when we leave the house and it only takes a cookie tossed into his den and he will follow it without a fuss. Since he's just a few weeks out of his cast, he hasn't been given free roam of the house when no one's home yet.

Bazooka is in a foster home with multiple dogs and he gets along with all of them, especially his fellow fosters. He likes lounging around the house with them, playing tug of war or patrolling the yard for things that move. For this reason it's best that Bazooka not live with cats or small dogs. He does fine with a sturdy medium sized dog.

On the tall side, Bazooka can easily rest his nose on the counter and knows that's all he can do. He doesn't counter surf though he will do his best to help make sure his meals are prepared properly and on time. Zooka is very food motivated so he gets his bowl first either in a crate or behind a baby gate where he needs to wait until everydoggy else has finished their meal. He will lick the bowls to make sure no morsel or scent of food remains, then it's outside to do his business.

Toys are a must for this big fella! He LOVES to grab one then toss and try to catch it midair, then happily bound around the house with his prize. All in all he's fairly gentle with his toys. If one has been compromised he will unstuff it. Thankfully/surprisingly shoes, socks and other "people" things are not of interest to him! One less desirable habit he picked up from his housemate is a paws off the floor, happy dance that can be too much for a child or someone unsteady on their feet. Walks are exciting and, being the true racer he is, wants to be out the door first! Hold on tight, Bazooka is strong and keeps both eyes wide open for any squirrels or bunnies on a walk...and he remembers where they were long after you've walked away.

He doesn't mind if another dog is nearby - he exhibits no bed, toy or food guarding, he doesn't mind sharing. During the day he curls up on a dog bed in the office with the other co-waggers and snoozes through conference calls. On occasion he may bark if the doorbell rings though mostly he's a quiet presence. Bazooka sleeps on a dog bed in the master bedroom and only stirs when another dog wants to go out.

Bazooka's ideal forever home will have an active family, maybe with older children, who will take him on walks and adventures. It's likely he can be an only dog if he's in a home with plenty of toys and a yard to keep himself entertained. Apartment life may be too tempting with small dogs and strange noises. Bazooka has been a joy to foster during his recuperation and now it's time to find a home of his own.

Bazooka's Foster Parents