Bart, fka Adh Bart Coslet, is a 2 year old brindle male born on September 17, 2018. His sire is Big Road and his dam is Imma Tell. Bart never made it to the racetrack but is brother to GALT’s Clair & Dolly. He is undergoing medical evaluation. Bart should not live with cats.

Bart is an extremely affectionate, smart, playful boy. He loves toys with squeakers, especially tennis balls now that he has learned how to fetch! While he is very clingy to his humans, he does very well during the day when we aren’t here, and really shows no signs of separation anxiety. He is allowed to go outside as he pleases, and does well in the back yard without supervision. He’s definitely not an escape artist! While he didn’t pass his kitty test, he is completely chicken safe and lives very happily with 10 yardbirds.

Bart has become such a treat to have in our house. He had some puppy habits when we first brought him home, and has grown into such a well behaved boy. Bart would do well in a house with older children and playful dogs.

Bart's Foster Parents

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