Bart is a fawn male greyhound mix born April 17, 2017. He arrived with his mother Marge and siblings Lisa and Maggie from the Tulia Animal Shelter. Marge's DNA results came back as American Staffordshire Terrier crossed with a Mixed Breed; the father's lineage is unknown. Click here to view Lisa's DNA results. Bart is a sweet soul and a playful boy. Bart is considered to be cat tolerant.

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We have literally watched Bart grow up before our eyes this past year. From the time he arrived as a roly-poly baby with his sisters and greyhound-ish looking Mom, Marge - it was love at first sight! As he's grown, Bart now looks nothing like a greyhound, and we love him all the more for it.

Bart is a pretty unique dog for GALT because he's not a pure grey, and in fact, he has only a smidgen of whippet in him. This makes him SUPER SMART and highly trainable! He's a playful and very affectionate boy who just wants to be near his people. With slow and appropriate introductions, he gets along well with other dogs and has lived with cats for much of his young life.

Bart loves long walks, lots of swimming (in pools or just turn the hose on him, he’s not particular), all training activities, and mostly SNUGGLING. Bart is such an expert snuggler. He is very smart, follows basic commands and is always willing to learn more - he definitely aims to please! Because he has a high energy level, he is a prime candidate for agility or sports play training. If you are looking for a handsome young dog you can train for any dog sports or obedience, Barty is the dog for you!

Bart's Foster Family

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