Barney is an approximately 7 year old fawn male. He was found by a kind person in Waco who contacted GALT to take him. Barney has just finished his medical procedures and is in a foster home to gain some weight. Please check back for updates on Barney.

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Barney, aka Barns, Barnabus, Boop, is a very shy older boy who really, really just wants to be loved. He is food and treat motivated but hesitates to eat with people near, or to take a treat from hands; however, if you sit near him he will carefully approach with tail wagging for some loving. He is SMART, learned the dog door instantly, never had an accident in the house and sleeps through the night. When he wants some extra attention he will grunt softly to let you know he needs some love...on his terms. Barney loves the other hounds in the house, and is fascinated by my pit bull. No one knows what happened in his past to make him so cautious, though he has come a long way and will continue to blossom. Please come meet him and see if you can make him happy for the rest of his life by allowing him to become part of your family!

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