Balli is a 1 year old black male born on July 23, 2020. His sire is Superior Panama and his dam is PJ Makeyoumissme. Balli was never registered with the National Greyhound Associa-tion. He will be tested with cats and other small animals soon.

Balli is a sweet, shy boy who is slowly warming up to his foster family. He gets along great with the other greyhounds in the house, and is a very trainable, food-motivated guy. Balli loves to play with toys of all sorts, and loves a game of chase in the yard. He is very enthusiastic about mealtimes. He takes treats very gently. Balli would do best in a home with another dog.

As he grows used to us, he has started wanting to be nearby, and if we're sitting or laying down he will come up to us and want lots of petting and attention. He is easily startled by other people when on walks, so he would do best in a home with a yard rather than an apartment. He crates well when we leave the house.

We think that he will eventually get used to being around people; he needs time, love, and trust to get there.

Balli's Foster Parents