Bagel Bagel

Bagel, aka Wildrose Kiln, is a cute, petite 2-year-old dark brindle female, born November 26, 2002. Her sire is Oswald Cobblepot, making her grand sire HB's Commander, and her dam is Crystal Speedy. As you can see by her age, Bagel's racing career was practically she is now competing in the most important race of her life – looking for her forever home. Bagel will sit on her bed and look practically like a little china doll – you just want to pick her up! Bagel will do best in a home that does not have small dogs.


Hi, my name is Bagel. My foster Mom and Dad would like me to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a little bit on the shy side at first, but I get over that quickly once I get to know you. I love to talk to my foster Mom and Dad. We talk about everything; food, treats, toys and playtime are some of the things we like to talk about. Mom and Dad just love to talk to me even though I tend to do most of the talking.

I like to play with my foster sister, her name is Evie. We chase each other around the backyard until Mom or Dad decides we're having too much fun and breaks us up. That's when we have to chill out and play nice with our toys. We have a great big toy box filled with stuffy toys and balls. I love toys!!! I like to go for a little walk every now and then, but I'm not into long walks or running. I'm a leisurely girl who loves the comfort of a soft pillow and a good tummy rub.


Mom and Dad are very happy that I have learned where I am supposed to go potty. I like to go outside as soon as possible after I have my meals. Just remember to let me out once I'm finished eating. I'll be a good girl and not have an accident in the house. My foster folks are teaching me about being a good girl inside the house. Sometimes I get a little silly and pick up a throw rug or maybe my food bowl and bring it into the family room. I think it's funny, but Mom and Dad think otherwise. I never tear up anything. I just like to collect harm done.

I love my foster Mom and Dad very much. They want to be completely sure I find the perfect home, as they have fallen hard for me too. Come see me at the next meet and greet, but first check to make sure I'm going to be there. I wouldn't want to miss you. See you then.

Bagel, via her Foster Mom
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